Betsy Riot

Betsy Riot


Your DGB for today is to riot, the Betsy way.

Are you fed up with a culture that values guns over human lives? Are you still clucking your tongue and shaking your head, and generally just wondering what has this world come to? Well, stop. The time for that is very much past. It’s time to get mad. It’s time to get so angry that people start paying attention. It’s time to call out the NRA, the gun manufacturers, the gun toters, and the paranoid throngs that love them. These subhumans are willing to let BABIES be gunned down in the name of profit.

The Betsy Riot is a non-violent “neosuffragist punk patriot” group that is taking the anti-gun stance to the next level. They have action ideas, printables, blog posts, and all kinds of images and memes to stir up some subversion. Check them out here: Like them on Facebook:, follow them on Twitter: @betsyriot.

Grab your petticoats, your signs, your stickers, and your shame bells and join the revolution!