Fine Feathered Friends


Your DGB for today is to read this passionate piece on the importance of birds to the world, to humanity, and take steps to protect these animals in your immediate vicinity.

As promised, the Trump administration is turning out to be the most viciously anti-environment, anti-natural world administration in US history. But even before Trump was denying climate change, doing away with environmental regulations, and otherwise running roughshod over the planet, birds have been in trouble. Pesticide use, air and water pollution, habitat destruction, aforementioned climate change, and even the humble house cat have affected bird populations.

Being an environmental voter is great, but you can actually have a big impact in very immediate ways:

  1. Keep your cats indoors, or, put a bell on ‘em to warn birds they’re coming. Felis catus is responsible for an eye-popping 2.4 billion-with-a-b bird deaths a year just in the United States.

  2. Stop using pesticides on your garden, or find ones that are less harmful to birds. Avoid neonicotinoids, especially, as they are deadly to both birds and pollinators.

  3. We know it’s kind of early to be mentioning it, when you’re done with your Christmas tree (should you celebrate), leave it in your yard as a habitat for birds instead of putting it on the curb. Same for brush piles. Your feathered friends will thank you.


We know these days it seems like so much is out of our control. These small steps are doable and have real, tangible results right in your backyard. Do it for your mental health, if nothing else. Hope is a thing with feathers.