Blac Chyna

Stop Revenge Porn

Your DGB for today is to help stop non-consensual pornography.

Recently a meltdown between former couple Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna led to a currently all-too-common method of violence against women. During a Twitter rant, the sock-shilling male member of the Kardashian crew posted nude and graphic photos of Blac Chyna in an effort to shame her. This act is legally wrong, morally wrong, and needs to be resisted with every resource we have available.


First, let’s address what NOT to do:

Do not victim-blame. It’s completely fine for adults to take pictures of themselves naked and it’s also fine for them to send those pictures to other adults who want to see them.

Do not click links. Many of us have been caught up in this one and it can be hard to resist but please avoid drawing traffic to leaked or stolen or non-consensually shared pictures.


So what CAN you do?

Help collect evidence. If you have stumbled on photos that you know to be leaked, stolen, or non-consensually shared, you can screenshot them in order to provide them as evidence. It can be difficult to prosecute these kinds of cases because our first instinct can be to delete or click away quickly. So saving these can help that effort.

Report them to Microsoft and Google. Both of these companies have established websites where you can submit a form and ask to have these images removed if you are a victim. Please save these links in your personal resources so they are ready if you someone you know is victimized!



Join a campaign. The Cyber Civil Rights Initiative has launched a Twitter effort that raises awareness. You can find it here.

Support organizations working to end this crime. Please go to these sites and educate yourself and/or consider a small donation.


Grab back and stop non-consensual sharing!