Bowling Green

Not A Southern Gentleman

Your DGB for today is to call Mitch McConnell and tell him to stop being a child and do his job.

Congress is in recess through April 21st, which means their phone lines are more likely free, and Mitch has apparently been snubbing Elizabeth Warren like a mean girl ever since She Persisted.

His Washington number: (202) 224-2541, usually has a full voice mailbox, so we’ll also try him at his Bowling Green office, in honor of the massacre: (270) 781-1673. Air any of your grievances, but please include the fact that he seems to be unable to maintain a professional environment in his senate, which generally doesn’t include The Silent Treatment.

Here are his other office numbers for extra fun.

So give him a call or tweet him @SenateMajLdr and let him know he needs to stop trying to make Mitch happen.