Space Force


Your DGB for today is to let Mike Pence (*sigh*) know that we would very much like for children to be returned to their asylum-seeking parents and maybe health care thank you, before we’d like a “Space Force.”

Today our science-denyin’ VP gave one of his patented disappointed-dad speeches about Trump’s proposed Space Force, which, as Dan Rather pointed out, sounds like “boys playing in a sandbox with their G.I. Joe's and model rocket ships, not a sober or coherent evaluation of the risks of military escalation in or on the final frontier.” If the Trump administration were serious about the mission (instead of just using as an excuse to test out “cool” new logos), it would have proposed increasing funding to the “space force” we already have

This brand new endeavor comes with an initial price tag of $8B. Yep, that’s “billion” with a “b.” While this administration can’t be bothered to turn the lights on in Puerto Rico, clean up the water in Flint, return scared little kids to their parents, or pay for life-saving GRS in the military, it can apparently ask for money to fulfil one rich asshole’s low-rent Buck Rogers fantasy. These priorities are all out of whack, so we’re asking you to let Pence and Trump and your own members of congress know what we’d prefer to see done with eight billion dollars.


Trump’s Education Budget

Your DGB for today is to call your Member of Congress and encourage him or her to say “NO” to Trump’s budget, for the reason that it is screamingly bad for education in the United States.

Trump’s budget recommends cutting $9B from the Dept. of Education, and those cuts would hurt the working class, the very people he claimed he’d “never ever forget.” Trump’s budget also slashes medicaid, which will impact students with special needs, as well as economically disadvantaged students, who rely on certain health care screenings through school programs. Other initiatives that are at risk under this budget are after-school care, teacher training, and public service loan forgiveness. This budget must be approved by Congress, which is why we’re asking you to call your rep about this mess.

Don’t know who your member of Congress is? Text your zip code to (520) 200-2223 to get the names and phone numbers for your senators, MoC, and even state legislators; or check out DGB’s handy-dandy government resources page (see “Find Your House Representative”). Now contact your MoC and let him or her know that you do NOT support Trump’s budget because it will hurt vulnerable Americans.

Maybe Trump would value education more if he had paid attention in school when his teachers were covering things like the US Constitution, what NATO stands for, and spelling.


The Fiscal Ship Game

Your DGB for today is to help steer The Fiscal Ship.

If you’ve been following politics in the United States for longer than 10 minutes you’ve probably heard the phrase “tax and spend liberal” and/or “socially liberal, fiscally conservative.” One implication is that progressives don’t care about The National Debt or just want to waste a bunch of other people’s money because we hate money or rich people. Or money AND rich people. Another is that it’s impossible to balance the budget and do things like strengthen the safety net or reduce inequality.

The Fiscal Ship game is a non-partisan and engaging way to get you thinking about the federal budget and the relationship between social programs and taxes.

Have fun and don’t sink the ship!