CDC Banned Words


Your DGB for today is to get on social media and use as many of the words Trump has forbidden the Centers for Disease Control to use, as often as possible.

Are we one step closer to an Orwellian dystopia? On Thursday, senior officials at the CDC were directed not to use “diversity,” “entitlement,” “evidence-based,” “fetus,” “science-based,” “transgender,” and “vulnerable” in their budget requests. Forbidding a scientific organization from using science words is from chapter one of Authoritarianism for Dummies, and this was met with widespread condemnation.

We can’t let this ham-handed attempt to shut down the free exchange of ideas stand. Our evidence-based conclusion is that using a diversity of banned words will help make our democracy less vulnerable, so get out there and exercise your right to free speech. Be sure to tag POTUS when you do. He loves that sort of thing.



It's Getting Hot in Herre

Your DGB for today is to fight this extreme heat and spread some sweet relief.

Thanks to The Chinese Hoax, otherwise known as climate change, locations throughout our country and planet have recently suffered extremely hot temperatures, and not the Nelly kind. Arizona and the Southwest have seen record setting highs, grounding airplanes and generally making life miserable for those that live there (prompting us to ask, HOW DO THEY?!). Even if you aren’t being melted in the desert, this is a hot and nasty time of year for much of the U.S. What we would like you to do today is to help relieve the heat for your fellow sufferers.

The homeless can be hit the hardest by extreme temperatures. Please consider putting together a resource bag to pass out containing bottled water (freeze until you are ready to leave the house!), some light snacks like energy bars, fruit, and a pair or two of socks. Socks will help protect the feet from hot pavement and wick away some of the sweat. Other items like baby wipes and sunscreen are also useful.

Bone up on your heat-induced illness knowledge by checking out the signs and symptoms from the CDC here:

Download the CDC’s helpful heat illness first aid suggestions and post somewhere you can refer to them easily:

Don’t forget that birds and other wild animals also suffer during heat waves. Keep your birdbaths and feeders on your penthouse rooftop where birds are feedin’ at the top of the Fo’ Seasons full of fresh water and food so they can stay healthy too.


World Day for Health & Safety

Your DGB for today is to educate yourself about why Immigrant and other marginalized workers are exposed to a greater safety risk at their jobs.

The upcoming May Day Strike is intended to highlight the heightened risks minorities face at their places of employment, so that action can be taken by employers to ensure the health and safety of their most vulnerable employees. Today is World Health and Safety at Work Day, so let’s take a minute to familiarize ourselves with the risks as outlined by the CDC. Did you know, Latino workers face almost 50% higher fatality rates at their jobs than all other employees?

To enact positive change that ensures the safety of immigrant workers, we must first be aware of the barriers which increase their risk. Reflect on the fact that every day an immigrant goes to work, they are much more likely to come to harm. And, be sure to show up this May Day in support of our Immigrant workforce.