Campaign Zero

Rest in Power, Botham Shem Jean


Your DGB for today is to support the movement and the activists who seek to end police violence against Black and brown folks. While the MAGA crowd was making fools of themselves by burning their own damned shoes to protest Nike, Colin Kaepernick, and human decency, yet another Black man was shot by a police officer for... *checks notes*... sitting in his own apartment. Botham Shem Jean was in his home when off-duty cop Amber Guyger either walked in or forced her way in (the story is ever-changing) and shot Jean once, killing him. And then she was allowed by the Dallas PD to leave the scene of the crime. It took three days to arrest her. None of this is right.

Civil rights attorney Lee Merritt, representing the Jean family, said, “I have to believe based on experience that her decision to use deadly force in the way that she did was influenced by the fact that she was standing in front of a black male and that our society has allowed law enforcement to use deadly force in unnecessary situations against black men with impunity.”

Here are some things you can do to support the movements aimed squarely at the systems that allows these killings to go on and fails to hold police properly accountable:

Support the Black Lives Matter organization:


Check out Campaign Zero, which aims to end police violence:

Get informed and involved with  

Become a part of an organization working to end the injustices that hold Black people back:

If you’re white, see these resources:

It’s no longer (if it was EVER) ok to simply be non-racist and non-white supremacist. We have to be actively fighting racism and white supremacy. Make Botham Shem Jean’s death mean something - make a real difference.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball: Police Violence

Your DGB for today is to follow, share, retweet, and otherwise amplify the voices of organizations documenting and working to end police violence.

This month we learned that the numbers for citizens killed by the police are actually on the rise, but thanks to the scandal-machine in the Oval Office, nothing else can get any traction in the news, let alone the deaths of Americans at the hands of law enforcement. Are you one who needs to read all the horrific facts for yourself? Check out databases like this one or this one for the alarming truth. If we don’t want this issue to fall through the cracks, we’re going to have to take to social media to make sure it stays in the minds of our friends, neighbors, and the American electorate. So, please follow Killed By Police and Mapping Police Violence, as well as Black Lives Matter and Campaign Zero on social media and share their content as widely and as loudly as you can.

Just because traditional media is distracted, doesn’t mean we have to be.