Center for Constitutional Rights

If the Feds Come a Knockin’


Your #DGB for today is to print up some of these brochures and share them with your activist friends. Going green? Just share this Grab online.

This administration is, in a word, terrifying. They’re regularly abusing privileges and stomping on civil rights. It’s more important than ever that people know what those rights are. That’s where Center for Constitutional Rights comes in.

They’ve made a brochure in multiple languages for if a federal law agent comes knocking on your door. We know Trump and his goons are keeping track of the resistance, as they demanded the IP addresses of millions of people who visited Trump protest websites. We need to be extra vigilant and know our rights if the feds ever come a-knocking wondering just what DGB has been up to. Just grabbing, sir, nothing to see here!

So distribute these brochures in all the languages they come in and make sure your fellow resistors know their rights.