Central America

Humanity Over Walls


Your DGB for today is to help Central American refugees.

The solution to human beings fleeing epidemics of poverty and violence isn’t to build a border wall to keep them away from us here in the United States. The solution also is not sending the U.S. military to guard our border until we figure out how to build said monolithic fantasy. These things will never stop migration, but rather channel it into more dangerous methods. For a lengthy but oh-so-important read, check out this 2016 report from the International Crisis Group outlining how inhumane response to migration endangers even more populations and encourages criminal enterprise: https://www.crisisgroup.org/latin-america-caribbean/central-america/easy-prey-criminal-violence-and-central-american-migration

We’re talking about actual human people trying to get to safety. They don’t want to steal our jobs/culture/[insert nativist paranoia] and they aren’t rapists and criminals. They literally just want to live. Those who are *really* pro-life (not fetuses; actual people) can find places to donate money, supplies, and time here: http://www.lawg.org/our-publications/79-promote-justice-for-mexico-and-the-borderlands/1352-how-to-support-humanitarian-assistance-efforts-for-central-american-refugees-in-the-border-region

No matter what steps our corrupt government takes to further victimize and traumatize refugees, we as citizens of the world can work simultaneously to help our fellow people find safety and security.