Children's Health Insurance Program

Children’s Health Insurance Program


Your DGB for today is to call your Members of Congress and insist they vote to restore funding to the Children’s Health Insurance Program, CHIP. CHIP covers approximately 9 million children in the US, helping out families who can’t afford health insurance but make too much to qualify for Medicaid. You know, those lower- and middle-income Americans that Republicans say they champion.

On Sept. 30th, while POTUS was busy bullying the mayor of San Juan on Twitter and Tom Price was cleaning out his desk at the Dept. of HHS, the GOP-led Congress was letting the funding for CHIP lapse. They sure do love stripping Americans of health insurance, don’t they? Extra bonus points, apparently, if they can torpedo a program Hillary helped create. Now members of the House are squabbling over where the money will come from in the new re-funding bill. Tell them - Democrat and Republican alike - to knock that off and get it done.

Call your MoC by phone, use Resistbot, or simply hack into one of Javanka’s many private email accounts and send a strong message to Congress that CHIP is too important to let lapse.