Inclusive Churches

Your DGB for today is to seek out progressive congregations, if you are so inclined to attend church services.

There have been recent reports that church attendance is on an uptick since the election. A recent episode of the Diane Rehm Show on NPR highlighted this rise in attendance and had a Rabbi, a Muslim Chaplain, a Bishop, a Pastor, and a Theologian on as guests. We are positive there is a joke about changing a lightbulb or walking into a bar in here somewhere, but they came on to speak about reaching out in their communities and neighborhoods to be more progressive and heal this country. The Pastor from Texas spoke about how, when he first moved to make his church more inclusive, he lost a lot of members, but what he lost, he quickly recovered plus some.

The desire for people to connect to a community is strong right now, especially with all the healing our country currently needs. Community and an urge to do something is why we started DGB; people want to come together for a purpose. This feeling of solidarity is what will get us through our darkest days as individuals and as a country. So, whether you choose to seek meaning in activism or through attending church, it’s important you research so you don’t inadvertently do harm.

If you are so inclined to join a church, or you are already attending one, we encourage you to make sure it is as inclusive as possible. Make sure it is a place where everyone has a home and can feel safe. This website will make sure your church is LGBTQIA friendly, or it will help you find a congregation that is accepting of everyone.