Climate Change

Climate Change Report


Your DGB for today is to read some or all of the climate change report the government sneakily released on Friday while most of us were either waking up from our post-Thanksgiving food coma, or standing in line for a great deal on a flat screen TV. I guess the Trump administration was hoping we wouldn’t notice the alarm bells and emergency sirens coming from the Fourth National Climate Assessment.

It’s… not good. But knowledge, as we are fond of saying, is power. So read the Summary Findings and Overview and if you have time, the chapter on your region. Then redouble your commitment to supporting and electing policy-makers who take climate change seriously. WAY too many people - including you-know-who-in-chief think it’s a hoax. At least we have the House and many more governor’s mansions under Dem control. It’s a start.

No Time for Despair: Climate Change


Your DGB for today is to get in touch with your governor about what steps can be taken at the state level to combat climate change.

Scientists have long been sounding the alarm about climate change and politicians have often lacked the political courage to do what needs to be done to prevent catastrophe. That is, when they weren’t calling it a Chinese hoax or left wing hype. Now a report has come out from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which says in no uncertain terms that unless we take bold steps, like, NOW, we are in deep doo-doo.

We know that the Trump administration isn’t going to do anything about it. It has stripped the federal government of science positions and boards, strangled the EPA, deregulated industry, pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, and generally run roughshod over Mother Earth. In the face of such reckless behavior, states are taking up the cause. In September, 17 governors announced a bipartisan alliance with a set of policies aimed at fighting global climate change.

Your job is to get in touch with your governor. If he or she is part of the alliance (check here), tell them thank you! Politicians need to hear from constituents when they’re doing a good job, too. If he or she is NOT on the list, let them know how unhappy you are about that and why.

And if you, like many of us, get a panic attack at the impossible place we find ourselves in, read this excellent piece in Vox:

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 27 Days

Things That Are Bad


Your DGB for this weekend is to help the head of the EPA navigate the murky waters of facts.

Scott Pruitt, who we can safely assume did not obtain a degree in any sciences before he tripped and fell into politics, recently had this to say about Climate Change:


“I think there’s assumptions made that because the climate is warming, that that necessarily is a bad thing.”


And we all know what they say about assuming based on hypotheses proven by objective and verifiable observation, right? Those are facts.

Here are some examples of other empirically bad things you can Tweet at the EPA Administrator:


.@EPAScottPruitt I think there’s assumptions made that because cancer has spread, that that necessarily is a bad thing.


.@EPAScottPruitt I think there’s assumptions made that because a parachute doesn’t open, that that necessarily is a bad thing.


.@EPAScottPruitt I think there’s assumptions made that because you were hit by a car, that that necessarily is a bad thing.



Climate Change is Real


Your DGB for today is to contact the office of UN Ambassador Nikki Haley and let her know that climate change is real and that we need to rejoin the Paris Agreement at the UN Convention on Climate Change in November.

We have all seen the most recent destruction that nature and climate change has caused. As skin-suit-wearing Ted Cruz said yesterday at TribFest2017 “We’ve had hurricanes since the dawn of time,” which is true, but what he totally failed to mention is that hurricanes like Harvey, Irma, and Maria, are all increasing in force because of climate change.

We can’t just sit idly by anymore and no do anything about our own personal carbon footprint and we sure as hell can’t drop out of the Paris Climate Agreement. So today you’ll contact UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s office and let her know that we believe in climate change and it’s high time we do something about it. We don’t want to just sit and watch as Puerto Rico is hit with a storm so powerful, it left atomic bomb like destruction in it’s wake. You can contact her office through this form and let it all out. You have a 2,500 character limit; plenty of space to take them to task. Now is the time to let your righteous rage flow because this earth is all we have and we have to do our damndest to protect her.


Jim Bridenstine


Your DGB for today is to oppose the nomination of Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) to lead NASA.

Jim has most of the regressive requirements for being tapped by Trump for an administrative position, such as xenophobia and an inability to accept empirical evidence, so it’s easy to see why Trump likes him.

Here’s a handy list of the terrible things Bridenstine has said about the LGBTQ+ community over the years:

Here’s a fun interview in which he talks out of an alternate orifice about climate science:{%22issue_id%22:307413,%22view%22:%22articleBrowser%22,%22article_id%22:%222500588%22}

And here’s NASA’s current and comprehensive climate change page, which would probably disappear under Jim’s leadership:

You’ll contact your Senators using Resistbot or Countable and tell them we don’t want a backwards politician leading our space program.


72 Hour Emergency Kit


Your DGB for today is to prepare a 72 hour kit, in case of emergency.

There have been too many natural disasters lately and DGB wants you to be prepared for the worst. Whether you plan to weather the disaster or storm in place, evacuate to a shelter, or head for the hills, you need to be prepared.

A 72 hour kit can get your through the crucial hours and days following a natural disaster, when it’s often the most difficult to get help or go out and buy supplies. It’s crucial your 72 hour kit is easy to transport and if you live in an area prone to flooding, try to get a watertight container. Follow this handy guide for your 72 hour kit and let us know if you have any other ideas to keep Grabbers safe.

Now, more than ever, it’s imperative to be prepared for a disaster. Get your 72 hour kit together and review our previous Preppers guide. You never know when it might be you needing to evacuate.



Your DGB for today is to sign up for alerts from OhmConnect.

One downside of being eco-conscious is that it doesn’t involve much instant gratification. Sure, you may be rescuing your great-great grandchildren from a post-apocalyptic future of riding around the desert, fighting over gas and battling out their differences in the Thunderdome but chances are you will be dead and gone long before then. OhmConnect seeks to change that a bit but also make saving energy a lot more fun.

From its website, OhmConnect is a free “service designed to offset the effects of dirty power plants by alerting you when you should save energy.”

Certain users in California, Texas, and Toronto not only get real-time notifications about their electric meter’s energy reading, but some participants will even be eligible to earn cash! All users can participate in events and earn prizes and rewards.

Find out more here:


It's Getting Hot in Herre

Your DGB for today is to fight this extreme heat and spread some sweet relief.

Thanks to The Chinese Hoax, otherwise known as climate change, locations throughout our country and planet have recently suffered extremely hot temperatures, and not the Nelly kind. Arizona and the Southwest have seen record setting highs, grounding airplanes and generally making life miserable for those that live there (prompting us to ask, HOW DO THEY?!). Even if you aren’t being melted in the desert, this is a hot and nasty time of year for much of the U.S. What we would like you to do today is to help relieve the heat for your fellow sufferers.

The homeless can be hit the hardest by extreme temperatures. Please consider putting together a resource bag to pass out containing bottled water (freeze until you are ready to leave the house!), some light snacks like energy bars, fruit, and a pair or two of socks. Socks will help protect the feet from hot pavement and wick away some of the sweat. Other items like baby wipes and sunscreen are also useful.

Bone up on your heat-induced illness knowledge by checking out the signs and symptoms from the CDC here:

Download the CDC’s helpful heat illness first aid suggestions and post somewhere you can refer to them easily:

Don’t forget that birds and other wild animals also suffer during heat waves. Keep your birdbaths and feeders on your penthouse rooftop where birds are feedin’ at the top of the Fo’ Seasons full of fresh water and food so they can stay healthy too.


Follow Pittsburgh Lead in Climate Change

Your DGB for today is to recruit your mayor to fight climate change! We want you to contact the mayor of your city or town and ask them to commit to following the guidelines laid out in the Paris Agreement.

Last week our illustrious President decided to pull the United States out of the Paris Agreement forged to fight climate change. This is despite the fact that his best friends in Russia elected this year to participate. In a tweet about the move Trump stated “I was elected by voters of Pittsburgh, not Paris. I promised I would exit or renegotiate any deal which fails to serve US interests." What Trump failed to realize before tweeting is that the voters in Pittsburgh overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton and their mayor, Bill Peduto, was having none of that nonsense. He clapped back, hard. “As the mayor of Pittsburgh, I can assure you that we will follow the guidelines of the Paris Agreement for our people, our economy & our future.” Holy covfefe!

Climate change is going to impact everyone. Let’s get our local politicians to follow the leadership Mayor Peduto is showing here. So whether you’re in Modesto or Millington, Poughkeepsie or Portland, we are asking you to reach out to your mayor and get them to help mitigate this short-sighted and idiotic move by our President.


Endangered Animals Need Our Help

Your DGB for today is to participate in Endangered Species Day.

Endangered Species Day was started in 2006 by the United States Congress and works to educate people of all ages about the importance of protecting endangered species. Animals like the Bowhead Whale, the Mexican Gray Wolf, and the Florida Panther need our help.

The Endangered Species Coalition Website has provided a ton of educational and fun ideas to participate in Endangered Species Day. You can send an e-card (our favorite is the black-footed ferret card.  Reminds us of another weasel, only better looking.) You can donate to help save endangered species. You can follow the link provided to add your name to a variety of petition letters to members of government. Lastly, you can peruse the youth art submissions depicting endangered species (wow, we were so impressed with the talent of these young artists!)

There are so many great ideas on the website for how you can help protect endangered animals, so we encourage you to take a minute to check out the site and offer your support in the way that works best for you. Please help protect those that can’t protect themselves.


Women & Climate Change

Your DGB for today is to learn about how climate change is a feminist issue. We’ve asked you to march, now we’re asking you to consider marching in your local People’s Climate March under the twin banners of environmentalism and women’s empowerment. Make your protest sign do the talking for you, tweet your concerns, and/or give your Members of Congress an earful. 

Women, especially in developing nations, are often uniquely vulnerable to the effects of climate change for a wide range of reasons. For instance, because of their role in caregiving, women are often the last to leave an area in the grip of a climate change-related natural disaster, and therefore are more likely to die. Women in some communities may not have access to education that could help them combat the effects of drought on crops and livestock, which are traditionally their responsibility. On top of all this, our current administration represents a perfect storm for these women. Trump’s agenda simultaneously looks to slash foreign aid- including programs aimed at empowering women in developing nations, cut off access to family planning for those women via the “global gag rule,” and defund climate change science.

We have to stand up for our sisters in other lands. Once again, women bear the brunt of catastrophic policies, but we’re not going to take it any longer.


People’s Climate March

Your DGB for today is to prepare to participate in or support the upcoming People’s Climate March on Saturday, April 29th.

April has been a busy month for marches. We started with the Tax March, then the March for Science, and now it’s time for the People’s Climate March. We know it’s hard work getting out there every weekend and we commend you for doing it and showing 45 that we aren’t backing down. We know it bugs him, because his angry and often incoherent tweets tend to rev up on the day of and day after marches. If you are starting to feel the burn from all this political exercise, review our blog on how to combat protest fatigue.

The official march is taking place in DC, but if you can’t make it there, there are tons of sister marches across the country, and even buses available for you to join some of the larger marches. Make sure you carpool with friends, or take one of the many buses to the march to reduce your carbon footprint. Can’t make it to the march, but want to support it and our climate? Check out the social media resources page to find hashtags, post ideas, and different graphics you can share to show your support for the earth and the People’s Climate March.

Want even more ways to fight 45’s anti-science and climate change denying policies? Check out the Political Action Toolkit, which offers things like state specific resources, talking points for attending a town hall or calling your representatives, and art and signs for protesting.


Earth Day

Your DGB for today is to learn about, or participate in, the themes spotlighted for this year’s Earth Day.

The themes this year center around environmental and climate literacy. What does that mean? Through education we can learn how to make decisions that positively impact the environment and our relationship to the earth. The Earth Day Campaign Network has made a commitment to ensure that no student graduates high school without being environment and climate literate; ready to enact positive change in order to preserve our world. 

In addition to increasing literacy, several campaigns are launching around the globe to protect forests, register new voters, make greener cities, protect endangered species, and address climate change. Support, donate, or educate yourself about these initiatives here.

The most publicized and visible activity this year is, of course, the March for Science. Get out and show your support by finding a march near you. Many events are offering a teach-in component at the beginning of the program in support of the theme of environmental and climate literacy.

A favorite saying of ours at DGB is “There is no planet B.” So, do your duty as a global citizen and bring your A game.


Educate Yourself on Climate Change

Your DGB for today is to arm yourself with the basic facts of climate change.

Yes, climate change is real. Yes, humans caused it. Yes, most of us accept scientific consensus. But, we’ve all been in that conversation. The one about the weather that turns into a mention of climate change, which leads to a denier starting in on global warming being a hoax or it being part of a natural cycle or something. Despite wanting to refute, you don’t have a ton of talking points aside from “science. It’s a thing.” Well, DGB has rounded up a great source that’s easy to read, understand, and explain. It’s handily categorized by Stages of Denial, Scientific Topics, Types of Argument, and Levels of Sophistication. Peruse this today, and bookmark for your next conversation with your father-in-law.

How to talk to a Climate Change Denier

You may not change the mind of a true denier or peddler of alternative facts, but you might plant the seeds in those around you.


Go Vegetarian Today to Help the Earth

Your DGB for today is give the earth a break and cut out the meat. Do it today, and make it a once a week habit, like meatless Monday. If you're the go-getter type, maybe take up vegetarianism as a lifestyle. Already vegetarian? Cool! Your task is to cut out eggs and dairy. Already vegan? Wow! Now go tell everyone you know. Kidding. We know you already did. (Joke courtesy of our Token Vegan)

But seriously, folks, the environmental impact of consuming animals and animal products is pretty significant (even beyond cow farts). Here are a few interesting facts from the USGS and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization:

·       One pound of beef uses at least 1840 gallons of water, or roughly 4 months of daily showers

·       Emissions from livestock account for 14.5% of all greenhouse gas discharge – more than cars and planes combined! Beef and cow milk are responsible for the most emissions.

·       A nutritionally sound diet that is 80% vegetarian uses about twice as much water as a purely vegetarian diet (about 350K gallons a year vs 175K gallons)

“But my life coach and diet guru read a study that said meat is great for the earth and vegetarians need to get off their free-range high horse!” Yeah, we read it too. And it's got some holes. Here’s a good summary.

So lay off the steak and dig into a plant-based meal tonight and savor the sweet, sweet, taste of conservation.