Climate March

Women & Climate Change

Your DGB for today is to learn about how climate change is a feminist issue. We’ve asked you to march, now we’re asking you to consider marching in your local People’s Climate March under the twin banners of environmentalism and women’s empowerment. Make your protest sign do the talking for you, tweet your concerns, and/or give your Members of Congress an earful. 

Women, especially in developing nations, are often uniquely vulnerable to the effects of climate change for a wide range of reasons. For instance, because of their role in caregiving, women are often the last to leave an area in the grip of a climate change-related natural disaster, and therefore are more likely to die. Women in some communities may not have access to education that could help them combat the effects of drought on crops and livestock, which are traditionally their responsibility. On top of all this, our current administration represents a perfect storm for these women. Trump’s agenda simultaneously looks to slash foreign aid- including programs aimed at empowering women in developing nations, cut off access to family planning for those women via the “global gag rule,” and defund climate change science.

We have to stand up for our sisters in other lands. Once again, women bear the brunt of catastrophic policies, but we’re not going to take it any longer.


People’s Climate March

Your DGB for today is to prepare to participate in or support the upcoming People’s Climate March on Saturday, April 29th.

April has been a busy month for marches. We started with the Tax March, then the March for Science, and now it’s time for the People’s Climate March. We know it’s hard work getting out there every weekend and we commend you for doing it and showing 45 that we aren’t backing down. We know it bugs him, because his angry and often incoherent tweets tend to rev up on the day of and day after marches. If you are starting to feel the burn from all this political exercise, review our blog on how to combat protest fatigue.

The official march is taking place in DC, but if you can’t make it there, there are tons of sister marches across the country, and even buses available for you to join some of the larger marches. Make sure you carpool with friends, or take one of the many buses to the march to reduce your carbon footprint. Can’t make it to the march, but want to support it and our climate? Check out the social media resources page to find hashtags, post ideas, and different graphics you can share to show your support for the earth and the People’s Climate March.

Want even more ways to fight 45’s anti-science and climate change denying policies? Check out the Political Action Toolkit, which offers things like state specific resources, talking points for attending a town hall or calling your representatives, and art and signs for protesting.