Coby Beck

Educate Yourself on Climate Change

Your DGB for today is to arm yourself with the basic facts of climate change.

Yes, climate change is real. Yes, humans caused it. Yes, most of us accept scientific consensus. But, we’ve all been in that conversation. The one about the weather that turns into a mention of climate change, which leads to a denier starting in on global warming being a hoax or it being part of a natural cycle or something. Despite wanting to refute, you don’t have a ton of talking points aside from “science. It’s a thing.” Well, DGB has rounded up a great source that’s easy to read, understand, and explain. It’s handily categorized by Stages of Denial, Scientific Topics, Types of Argument, and Levels of Sophistication. Peruse this today, and bookmark for your next conversation with your father-in-law.

How to talk to a Climate Change Denier

You may not change the mind of a true denier or peddler of alternative facts, but you might plant the seeds in those around you.