Watch “Nanette”


Your DGB for today is to watch Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix comedy special, “Nanette.”

This brilliant piece of uncategorizable performance art begins as a smart, funny stand-up comedy about drinking tea, growing up in a small town, and coming out as a lesbian. Gadsby is really good. But then… it gets GREAT. It also stops being, strictly-speaking, stand-up. Or comedy. It’s part confessional, part performance art, part TED talk. She adroitly connects trauma, laughter, sexism, and culture in a mesmerizing show that has made Gadsby, previously largely unknown to American audiences, a household name in recent weeks.

DGB wants you to watch this. The messages embedded in “Nanette” about existing on the margins of society are ones we sorely need, especially in the age of Trump when the margins are under attack more visibly than ever. It’s a tough watch, but not one you have the privilege of missing.