Feminist Cybersecurity

Your DGB for today is to become a digital ace by downloading, reading, and implementing Hack*Blossom’s comprehensive tutorial on cyber security.

Anyone who has spent two minutes on the web knows that it’s jungle out there. And seriously, we obviously spend way more than two minutes online. Some of us even work here *cough*DGB*cough*. Hack*Blossom, an explicitly feminist activist organization, seeks to arm internet users with the tools to keep them safe from hackers, trolls, and identity thieves. Hack*blossom knows that members of marginalized groups are even more vulnerable to being harassed, threatened, and subjected to hate speech than others, which is why its cybersecurity guide is aimed at these folks.

Everyone deserves to feel safe and be protected from malicious ones and zeros on the worldwide web.  Download this guide and pass it on to your friends.