DIY Internet Security: Setting Up a VPN

Your DGB for today is to set up a VPN (virtual private network), which will allow you to browse the web more securely. This will make it harder for your internet service provider (ISP) to snoop on your activities and make a buck off your data.

Earlier this month, a bill was signed into law that overturned an FCC rule designed to protect consumers’ privacy on the internet. By making it legal for your ISP to gather and sell your browsing history, this bill serves no purpose other than to line the pockets of big corporations.  So we have to make it harder for them to gather that information.

When the government puts the profit margins of a few big companies ahead of the rights of the people, we’ve got to channel our best Mr. Robot impression and keep Evilcorp from profiting from our lost privacy.


Reduce Your Fossil Fuel Usage

Your DGB for today is to do a couple of small things that can reduce your personal fossil fuel consumption. If all you Grabbers do a couple of these things, we can make some progress towards eliminating the demand for things like, oh, say, GIANT OIL PIPELINES. 

Everyone knows there’s a long list of things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. But let’s be honest, “bike or take the bus instead of driving” isn’t going to work for most of us in the short term. While you keep your eye on supporting sustainable infrastructure in the long term, you can make some quick, painless choices to help right now. Here are three simple things you can do in just a few minutes.


Maximize your gas mileage by as much as 40%

This is as simple as making sure your tires are inflated and adjusting your driving style. That’s it. Read here for more details.

Go full Jimmy Carter and put on a sweater.

Then turn your home heat down 2 degrees. Or, if it’s warm where you live, set your AC up 2 degrees. You’ll adjust and it will make a measurable difference.

Replace some disposable plastic items in your life with reusable ones.

Or if you’re a crafty Grabber, make them. Top targets:

  • Plastic wrap. Make some pretty bowl covers or invest in some beeswax wrap. On a budget? Save those glass jars and reuse them for food storage.

  • Sandwich and freezer bags. Here’s a list of places to score some cute reusable bags, or make your own with this 15-minute pattern.

  • Grocery bags. Increase the chance that you’ll actually remember your bags by using small foldable fabric bags that fit easily into a coat pocket or purse. (yes, they’re nylon, but they will reduce your overall consumption of plastic more if you actually have them with you in the store) or make one out of an old t-shirt.

A few small changes + a lot of Grabbers = making a big difference.