Deb Fischer

Deb Fischer’s Senate Seat


Your DGB for this weekend is to work on ousting Deb Fischer from the senate because she sucks.

We tend to think of Nebraska as blood red, but in 2012, during the last battle for her seat, Fischer only beat democratic challenger Bob Kerrey 57% to 42%. It was a general election year and people were turning out pretty big for Obama. It was no 2008, but it was still a midsize blue wave, with Democrats gaining a net of two senate seats nationwide. In 2008, Nebraska even awarded one of her electoral votes to Barack, proving the Omaha area to be quite progressive. Still not convinced we can flip a senate seat there? For comparison, prior to Doug Jones’ quick snag of an Alabama senate seat late last year, republicans had easily taken past seats in the state by upwards of 30 percentage points- twice that of the Fischer/Kerrey race- and Jones still pulled it off. Another blue wave is cresting over America and this one is poised to be a tsunami. Nebraska is well within our reach.

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