The Democratic Party Wants to Hear From You


The midterms are getting closer, and now that the primaries are drawing to a close it’s time for the Democratic Party to start getting its act together. If that blue wave is going to happen then the Dems’ strategies and messaging have to be totally, completely, 100% on point. They want your help to ensure that the voice of the people is heard and amplified.

What issues have you fired up and ready to VOTE? Whether it’s climate change, education, income inequality, reproductive rights, all of the above or something else, here is your chance to let them know.


Here is the link to the Democratic National Committees quick issue survey:


Here is one the DCCC is collecting responses for:


You know what is at stake in November and we must show up to vote blue. Grab back and give the Democrats your opinion.  


Boost the Profiles of Progressive Candidates


Your DGB for today is to continue to help progressive candidates build their social media following.

Candidates now need a strong social media showing for publicity, which DGB first addressed here:, with a selection of Democratic challengers in 2018 Senate races.

Follow the candidates below on social media and stay tuned for Democratic challengers in mid term House elections.


Special Elections Candidates:


Kathie Allen, Utah, running for Jason Chaffetz’s old seat in the 3rd Congressional District



Doug Jones, Alabama, running for Jeff Sessions’ old seat


Senate Candidates - Democratic Challenger:


Jane Raybould, Nebraska, challenging Deb Fischer



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Help Progressive Candidates Build Momentum

Your DGB for today is to help the early crop of progressive Senate candidates build their social media following.

Hate Facebook? Can’t figure out Twitter? Long for the days of handwritten letters on perfumed stationery? Well, it’s time to buck up. We have work to do. Candidates now need a strong social media following for publicity. Let’s help them get there. Follow the candidates below on social media.

We’ll start with Senate candidates who have already announced they’re running. Stay tuned for House candidates in the near future, and for updates as more candidates throw their hats into the ring.


Senate Candidates - Democratic Challengers:


Deedra Abboud, Arizona, challenging Jeff Flake



Jacky Rosen, Nevada, challenging Dean Heller



James Mackler, Tennessee, challenging Bob Corker



Beto O’Rourke, Texas, challenging Ted Cruz



Jenny Wilson, Utah, challenging Orrin Hatch



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