American Flag Disposal

Your DGB for today is to learn how to properly dispose of an American flag.

You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, which is why we’re all probably feeling a little more patriotic now that our democracy left us. We’re driving around, listening to Drake*, remembering the good times, and regretting how we took Obama’s America for granted. We never even took her dancing.

Still... we had our problems. We fought a lot. We said some things we didn’t mean, like threatening to move to Canada. But America said some things too, like that some people were more equal than others. We’re just so conflicted these days. Sometimes we want to cherish the old flag America left at our house and other times we want to burn it to the ground.

Well, if you’ve got an unwanted flag lying around, you can do both. A Veterans of Foreign Wars post will dispose of your flag for you in an official burning ceremony. Your local VFW is also a good resource for many community-centered activities and events, especially for veterans and their families.


* DGB recommends you never Drake and drive, as you could end up at your ex’s house.