Make Your Carbon Footprint Just Ducky

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Your DGB for today is to check out the online ecological impact tracker, Ducky.

It’s been a long spring and summer (winter..fall...previous summer…previous spring...) here in the United States so if you need a mental break from the downfall of the Republic, maybe turn your attention to something less depressing, like climate change! Whether you are a noob whose efforts up to this point end at rinsing out the peanut butter jar before recycling it or an old granola-cruncher with a closet full of family cloth, there is something in the Ducky toolkit to help you decrease your environmental impact.

Start online by entering your footprint:

Registering an account allows you to record your consumption habits and help yourself manage your footprint down to the smallest detail. It’s also totally free so it won’t impact your wallet. Ducky can also help you organize a workplace or classroom challenge so you can recruit others to Mother Earth’s hippie army.

Grab quack-er... we mean BACK and go to Ducky!