Economic Class

Living the American Dream

Your DGB for today is to discover your American Dream Score.

Are you a bootstrapper? Graduate of the School of Hard Knocks? Born with a silver spoon in your mouth? Maybe you’ve always considered yourself an Average Joe/Joan. When pursuing the American Dream, which is loosely defined as moving up the socioeconomic ladder, but also might mean maintaining the rung you were born on, we often underestimate the role that luck plays in our success or failure. Yes, luck. Fate, destiny, foreshadowing - here in America we like to brand ourselves as rugged individuals in complete control of our future through a series of carefully made choices. But that is simply not the case. Pure, dumb circumstances of birth, health, and timing play significant roles in determining how well we do as individuals.

The progressive agenda seeks to help balance those impacts to assist every human in realizing their potential. In order to understand this, it’s important to see how our own life has been impacted by chance. Please use a few minutes to take this quiz from Moving Up USA to get your American Dream score:

There is nothing inherently wrong with being born with privilege. But if we want a fair and just society we need to recognize where it exists, and where it doesn’t.