Caring for the Elderly


Your DGB for today is to compile and share resources for younger generations to care for the older people in our lives.

They cuddle grandchildren and great-grandchildren, they have all the best stories, and they say whatever they want. Our seniors are treasured parts of our communities, but eventually they need our help. Perhaps you have an elderly loved one for whom you are providing care. Perhaps your elderly loved one is implicating a sitting president in multiple federal crimes on national television. https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/02/politics/giuliani-hannity-comey/index.html

The circumstances aren’t important. These people still need our support. 

Find diverse resources you may not have known about below:








So, whether you have a gentle, aging grandparent who isn’t able to live independently, or a verbally abusive racist uncle who works* in the Trump administration**, make sure our elderly citizens have access to the care they need.


*used loosely


**as of this writing; subject to change