Emily's List

Because Donations are a Girl’s Best Friend


Your DGB for today is to celebrate Daily Grab Back’s first birthday by donating to one of six organizations we’re highlighting today.

By our calculations, we’ve been at this a whole year. Holy guacamole, that’s a lot of Grabbing! And what, you ask, do we want wrapped up in a pretty bow for our birthday? Well, world peace and an end to patriarchal white supremacy would do nicely, thankyouverymuch. But if that doesn’t fit in the back of your Prius, we’d love it if instead you donate a few bucks to one of these worthy causes:

http://www.feedingamerica.org/find-your-local-foodbank/ - People in your community are going hungry this holiday season, and you can help. Giving cash to food banks goes even further than donating actual food, but every bit helps.

http://justbeinc.wixsite.com/justbeinc/home - Just Be, Inc. is a great organization dedicated to the needs of girls and young women of color and the originator of the sexual assault #MeToo social media campaign.

http://www.emilyslist.org/- As this November revealed, women have been running for office in record numbers, and totally crushing it. Emily’s List is behind a lot of these amazing women and their rise to leadership roles.

http://www.seashepherd.org/ - The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is an international group dedicated to protecting marine wildlife, with its own fleet that engages in direct action to protect animal species and ecosystems.

https://www.narf.org/ - For almost 50 years, the Native American Rights Fund has been offering legal assistance to native groups and individuals, protecting tribal lands, defending civil rights, and more.

https://www.habitat.org/ - Habitat For Humanity helps families and communities build housing for themselves and others all over the world. Right now HFH is involved in the rebuilding efforts in Puerto Rico, where it’s desperately needed.


The Resistance is Female

Your DGB for today is to support or join the female organizers running the resistance, and to make sure you’re part of the future.

It’s not news that women, particularly women of color, are leading the resistance against Donald Trump. History has shown that women tend to be the ones leading revolutions, whether it be the French Revolution or the fight for Civil Rights in this country. Even DGB, and many other current ReSisters, are run solely by women.

So what we want you to do today is take the reigns. Check out your local Indivisible group (pssttttt 2/3rds are run by women.) If you don’t have a local indivisible group, form one. Want to go even further and actually make the world run by girls? Run for a local office! DGB loves Emily’s List, which supports and funds progressive women looking to lead the resistance. If you aren’t quite ready, check out their binders full of women running, put your money where your mouth is, and donate.

We already know the future is female, but what role are you going to play in it?


Cards Against Humanity For Her

Your DGB for today is to purchase a special version of Cards Against Humanity.

As with many products marketed towards women, you will pay the “pink tax.” This means you’ll purchase the same game in a hot pink box for an extra five bucks. (There’s even a period pack if you’re interested). But this time, the extra money is for a good cause - the profits will be donated to Emily’s List, an organization which supports women who are running for public office.

Don’t want the game, or simply don’t want to pay more for a product simply because you are a woman? Another option is to send a donation directly to Emily’s List and help get more women in office. See our first Grab on Emily’s list here: https://www.dailygrabback.com/todays-grab-1/2017/1/31/a-womans-place-is-in-political-office?rq=emily%27s

What’s the deal with the pink tax, anyway? According to the NYC Department of Human Affairs Gender Pricing Study, companies often increase prices for products marketed towards women, including toys and children’s clothing, feminine hygiene products, and senior home/health care products. Basically, they set us up to pay more from birth. This doesn’t make us see pink. It makes us see RED.  


A Woman’s Place is in Political Office

Your DGB for today is to go to Emily’s List and the Center for American Women and Politics to support women running for political office by donating or volunteering for a campaign, and maybe even attend a training and consider running yourself.

Emily’s List recruits, supports, and helps elect pro-choice Democratic women candidates across the country. They currently have a state-by-state plan for the 2020 elections.

CAWP of Rutgers offers comprehensive data on women in office, and features the Ready To Run and Teach a Girl to Lead campaigns.

Run like a girl, or at least help some women lace their kicks.