Eric Holder

Make Redistricting Sexy

Your DGB for today is to team up with Eric Holder and make redistricting sexy.

Former Attorney General Eric Holder and some of his coolest friends (’s Barack Obama) are teaming up to work on redistricting for 2021. Yes, we understand that is a VERY long way away, and if 45 stays our president for the next 3 years, 3 months, and 22 days, give or take (we’re bad at math) then it is going to feel like a thousand lifetimes. But just because it’s far off doesn’t mean we shouldn’t plan for it. Redistricting and gerrymandering have a huge impact on elections. At least 16 GOP House seats are a direct result of gerrymandering and if we want future elections to fair, then we need to start working on it now.

Here’s where the National Democratic Redistricting Committee enters. They are working to build a state-by-state strategy that produces fairer maps for future elections and “makes redistricting sexy.” How do you help? You can either donate or sign up to be on the NDRC.

Let’s work with Holder and the NDRC and bring fair redistricting back, because those Republicans don’t know how to act.