The Sedition Act


Your DGB for today is to Grab some history on The Sedition Act.

One hundred years ago today, May 16, 1918, Congress passed The Sedition Act. An extension of the existing Espionage Act and dressed up as legislation to support the country’s war effort (World War I) it was a severe restriction of any speech considered “abusive” of the U.S. Government, the Constitution, the military or the flag. The Post Office was not even allowed to deliver mail that contained this kind of language. Does this have a ring of familiarity to it? Are you surprised that this non-Constitutional, cockamamie junk wasn’t cooked up in the mind of DJT himself? Our point in bringing up this history lesson is to show you that this kind of threat to our civil liberties is nothing new and needs to be taken seriously. Thankfully, the Sedition Act was repealed by the end of 1920. But only because World War 1 was over and Congress was repealing a bunch of other war time legislation anyway!

Read more about the Sedition Act and its parent legislation the Espionage Act here:

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