Executive Branch

Reorganizing the Executive Branch

Your DGB for today is to share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas with the White House. That’s right, the White House is asking for input, specifically on how to reorganize the Executive Branch. This is an opportunity to share your views.

The survey does not list what the various agencies mentioned actually do, but we have a link that may help. Rest assured, you know more than Donald Trump.

While it’s tempting to simply ask for Trump’s resignation, sharing ideas on “how the government can be better organized to work for the American people,” is a good thing. And who’s to say they won’t use one? If Jared Kushner can advise the president, anyone can. Or, if you’re like some of us, an old fashioned trolling of Trump is always fun and they’ve given us essay questions, so do your thing. You have until June 12th to air all your grievances and make your demands, er...suggestions.