Brought to You by the Letter “F”: FCC, First Amendment, & Free Press


Your DGB for today is to ask the FCC to condemn attacks on press freedom by POTUS. 

One of the first things Hitler did was to undermine the free press, since having pesky journalists telling the masses the truth is the last thing an autocrat wants. Wanna-be dictator and all-round bully, Donald J. Trump, is no different. He constantly characterizes any news outlet that doesn’t show him deference or unflattering story as “fake news.” Last week he brazenly suggested that NBC have its “license” revoked for writing something he didn’t like. Listen fella, that’s not how this democracy thing works. That’s not how any of this works.

When you go to the link above, you’ll be able to join others in petitioning Ajit Pai, the head of the FCC, to speak out against the attempts by the president to topple one of the pillars of a free and open society.

“The Emperor has no clothes.” - a journalist, probably


The FCC is Making a Huge Mistake

Your DGB for today is to contact the FCC to comment on the proposed new rules regulating the internet and demand the net remain neutral.

Is it Groundhog Day? Did we not win this battle back in 2014? Didn’t we do a Grab on this back in March? Well, a progressive’s work is never done. Or, as the rally sign says “I can’t believe I still have to protest this shit.”

The latest skirmish in the Trump administration’s battle to sell critical public services to corporate oligarchs is at the FCC. The agency has proposed new regulations that will open the door for internet service providers to hold your access to Game of Thrones (or usajobs.gov or your state’s voter registration page....) for ransom. Pay, or have your access throttled. The comment period on these new, nasty regs is open until August 16, 2017.

Confused about what we’re asking for? Learn more about net neutrality and how the FCC makes its rules. You can send your comments to the FCC using a nice form provided by the Electronic Frontier Foundation or Save the Internet. Or if you’re wonkish, verbose, or just like to do things yourself, follow this tutorial to comment directly on the FCCs website.

Imagine a future where Comcast decides what you can do on the internet, and how much it will cost you. Sounds almost as bad as if Joffrey were still King of Westeros.


Support Colbert

Your DGB for today is to call or write to CBS to show support for Stephen Colbert, comedian, television host, and author.

Last week, after 45 made rude remarks about a respected journalist, Colbert responded on his late night television show by cracking some NSFW jokes at 45’s expense. Now he is being investigated by the FCC for his off color remarks.

Right now, CBS is being inundated with calls from Trumpettes and Trumpsters, demanding Colbert be fired. You may find it ironic that the same people who voted for a man who mocked the disabled and grabbed women by their pussies are suddenly outraged at Colbert. We urge you to call AND e-mail CBS to show support for Stephen Colbert and journalists and comedians everywhere. If we can't laugh, we'll have to cry, right?

If you call and the mailbox is full, keep calling! When you get through, please ask for the Director of Programming and show your support. 212-975-3247.

To send an e-mail, go to: http://www.cbs.com/feedback/


Prepare for the Apocalypse, Part 2

Your DGB for today is to make sure you’re ready for a storm or other emergency by learning how to utilize your phone to stay informed.  

Last week we asked you to get ready for an emergency by stocking up on water and food. This week we focus on communication. Start by reading this page on the FCC’s site about using your phone in a disaster.

Phone calls and getting online take up a lot of bandwidth on a mobile device, but texts will often get through when other forms of electronic communication fail, so take these extra steps:

First, if you don’t have a Twitter account already, get one. The Resistance is full of life on Twitter and you’ll thank us.

Next, sign up for alerts from relevant government agencies here.

Last, but not least, sign up to be able to Tweet via text here so you and your loved ones can stay in touch.

Even if you're eating canned beans by flashlight in an emergency, there's no reason to be left in the dark.