More New Year's Resolutions


Your DGB for today is to pick a democratic candidate running in a red state and help get them elected.

We understand this isn’t just a five minute Grab, more like an almost year-long commitment, but it is so worth it. If you already live in a blue state and your incumbent candidate is pretty secure, then we’re asking you to pick a candidate outside of your state to make calls for, donate to, or send postcards for that person, and help make America as blue as possible.


You can find candidates to help flip here: https://www.flippable.org/focus-states/

Here: https://swingleft.org

And here: https://www.runforsomething.net


If you happen to live in a red state and know of a democratic candidate that could use DGB’s help, let us know! We’d love to do a Grab on them, get out the word about why they should be elected, give them a boost in funding, and have some volunteers sign up for calling. Together we can take back the House and Senate and kick the Moldy Orange out of our Oval Office. You can contact us at dailygrabback@gmail.com.

Spend the year Grabbing Back and endorsing worthy democratic candidates.



Your DGB for today is to sign up at Flippable and get involved in turning state legislatures and governorships blue.

While many folks are focused on the big race in 2020, mid-terms in 2018, or special elections, Flippable’s aim is to get Democrats elected at the state level - in state legislatures and in governor’s mansions across the country. One of the primary reasons this is so critical to an overall political strategy is that things like voter ID and registration laws, as well as redistricting happen in state government. Right now, the GOP controls 32 (!) of our 50 states’ legislatures and of those states, 25 also have Republican governors. This situation has led to widespread gerrymandering and voter suppression, which is a social justice issue in addition to being a practical barrier to Democratic wins. These states also tend to enact other legislation that makes us tear our hair out, such as anti-choice bills and transphobic “bathroom bills.”

If this doesn’t motivate you, remember that in order to successfully impeach the current Oval Office squatter, we need to flip the House of Representatives, and one path to that is to flip states controlled by the GOP.  When you find yourself in the Upside-Down, people, you gotta FLIP.