Not Cool, Matt Gaetz


Manuel Oliver lost his son, Joaquin, in the Parkland, Florida school shooting. On Wednesday, he attended the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on gun violence with Frank Guttenberg, who also lost his daughter Jamie that day.

Garbage Rep. Matt Gaetz (FL-1) decided this hearing was a good time to start word vomiting about border walls. In response, Manuel Oliver began yelling at him, which we think was pretty human and relatable. Gaetz then asked committee Chairman Jerry Nadler if Guttenberg and Oliver could be removed. Nadler declined.

When you find yourself at odds with a grieving parent, you may be on the wrong side of an issue.

Your DGB for this weekend is to give Gaetz hell using the contact information found below.


Florida, Man


Today’s perfume is chaos with hints of November of 2000, as we still don’t know who the Governor or Senator-elect are in Florida, nearly a week after Election Day.


Bill Nelson and Andrew Gillum are hanging in there for a mandatory recount as required by Florida law in races with a margin of 0.5% or less.

In Man Tantrum news, Rick Scott, Ron DeSantis, Marco Rubio, Matt Gaetz, and President Trump have all tried to muddy the information waters by throwing around fraud allegations, despite no evidence of such.

Your DGB for today is to encourage Florida residents and even out-of-state lawyers to volunteer to help with the recount process using this form:


Let’s count every vote and make every vote count.

Save Endangered Democrats Part 1


Your DGB for today is to help two incumbent democrats fend off challengers.

It’s down to the wire in several key races, but today we focus on Florida and Indiana.

Donate to Florida’s Bill Nelson here:


And to Indiana’s Joe Donnelly here:


Support Andrew Gillum’s Florida Gubernatorial Bid


Your DGB for today is to help elect Florida’s first Black governor, Democrat Andrew Gillum. On Tuesday Gillum emerged victorious from a crowded field in the primary, and many believe he represents the future of the Democratic party. An outspoken progressive, Gillum was an early supporter of Obama’s historic 2008 campaign and a surrogate for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. Sen. Bernie Sanders campaigned for him in the lead-up to the primary, and he received the seal of approval from gun law reform group Moms Demand Action. See his complete platform here: https://andrewgillum.com/issues/ And read this New Yorker interview.

Of course, the bigoted mud-slinging from the right has already started. Within hours of Gillum’s victory, his GOP opponent and die-hard Trumper Ron DeSantis used a vile, racist dog-whistle in an interview on - you guessed it - Fox “news.”

We focus a lot on the Blue Wave in Congress, but governorships are equally important to the cause. To support this terrific candidate, go here to donate money or volunteer to knock on doors, etc.

Follow @AndrewGillum on Twitter and/or https://www.facebook.com/andrewgillumfl/ on Facebook - retweet and share to spread his message.


Work a Shift on the Phones for Florida

Untitled design (78).jpg

Just in case you’re some kind of Hanging Chad that is brand new to American politics: Florida is a super important state when it comes to elections. Another hot take: disenfranchising felons is a favored tactic of the GOP to keep minorities from voting. Right now a felony conviction in Florida means you are pretty much barred from voting for life - even after you have completely paid your debt to society! But there is hope for the 1.4 million eligible save-for-this-ridiculous-law Floridians. A judge has recently declared the current felon voter restoration process to be arbitrary and so the issue will be on the 2018 ballot there in the Sunshine state. (Thanks to SecondChancefl.org for this information, please read more about the matter at their site.)

The Southern Poverty Law Center is stepping in to support the ballot initiative by hosting a phone bank and they need volunteers. Anyone in the country with a cell phone or a computer can help. Your DGB for today is to go here to read about what you will do and follow the sign-up links: https://www.splcenter.org/florida-voting-rights-phone-banking

Grab back and get some people their fundamental right to vote returned.


Flip the House: Florida

Untitled design (76).jpg

Your DGB for this weekend is to elect Florida democrats to the House of Representatives.

Unsurprisingly, Florida districts 6, 15, 16, 18, and 25 all look pretty good for republicans. We’ll ignore those for now in favor of incumbent Florida democrats in Districts 7 and 13, who could both use a fundraising boost to retain their seats this November.



https://charliecrist.com/, respectively.


In Blue Wave news, Florida 26 and 27 could both flip from red with a little work on our part.

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell is hoping to unseat incumbent Carlos Curbelo in District 26.



And District 27 Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen is retiring this year, leaving an opportunity for Hillary Clinton-endorsed Donna Shalala to take the seat.



Bill Nelson’s Senate Seat


Your DGB for this weekend is to help re-elect Democrat Bill Nelson to his senate seat in Florida.

DGB just wrapped up our weekend series on flippable red senate seats. Now we begin our effort to retain the incumbent blue seats in jeopardy, one Friday at a time.

Florida senator (and former astronaut) Bill Nelson is mostly known for not being Marco Rubio, but he’s actually the senior senator, first elected in 2000, and incumbents from the opposition party in midterms are difficult to beat. However, Nelson’s challenger is super rich and self-funded Governor Rick Scott, which tips this race into worry territory. Scott is currently walking back his affection for Trump in preparation for the race.



Geek out on statistics and polling here:



And help Bill out here:





Replace a Confederate Monument

Your DGB for today is to help replace a Confederate statue with a manatee.

Okay, okay, not a real manatee. And not just any manatee either.

If you don’t live near Bradenton, Florida, you may not have heard of Snooty the Manatee, in which case you’re missing out. Snooty was born in captivity in 1948, and lived at The South Florida Museum until July 23, 2017, when he drowned in a tragic aquarium accident. The official mascot of greater Manatee County, Florida, Snooty was adored locally, but also contributed greatly to manatee research over the course of his 69 years on Earth. He was believed to be the oldest living manatee and the only captive manatee to have regular human contact. During events held at the South Florida Museum, he would press his face to the adjoining glass aquarium wall in the courtyard, socializing with the crowds.

A few blocks away from Snooty’s lifelong home stands the Manatee County Courthouse, in front of which there is a monument to fallen confederate soldiers (to be fair, there were a LOT of those), even depicting a rebel flag at it’s base. Shortly after the news of Snooty’s passing, lifelong fan, Anthony Pusateri, began a petition to relocate the current offensive statue and replace it with one memorializing Snooty. It was delivered to the Manatee County Commission last week with nearly 13,000 signatures.

Anthony clearly isn’t alone. In fact, the Commissioner representing District Two and Bradenton, Charles Smith, has suggested Gamble Plantation as a final resting place for the statue of poor taste. (DGB was thinking the nearest dump would work, but we’ll yield to Commissioner Smith.)

Today, you’ll contact the Chairman of the Commission and urge her to proceed on the matter. Here’s a sample script:


As “The Friendly City”, Bradenton deserves to have something that makes people smile in front of the aptly-named Manatee County Courthouse. It’s time to remove the unwelcoming and divisive confederate statue and replace it with a likeness of dearly-departed, lettuce-loving Snooty.