Food Insecurity

Famine In Yemen

Your DGB for today is to donate what you can to help alleviate hunger in Yemen.

According to the United Nations, 17 million people in Yemen - a number so big we can’t even wrap our heads around it - are on the brink of famine. That means a staggering ⅔ of the population is facing severe food insecurity. This crisis may only get worse as Trump simultaneously ramps up airstrikes in Yemen and threatens to yank humanitarian funding via cuts to the UN.

We are asking you to choose one meal out of one day and eat rice, a Yemeni staple, instead of your usual fare. Do some back-of-the-envelope math and donate the difference in cost between the meal you would have eaten and the rice to UNICEF, which is desperately working to raise emergency funds.

If rice really isn’t your thing, just donate as generously as you can.