Take Trump’s First 100 Days Survey

Your DGB for today is to troll the GOP’s online survey asking for opinions on Trump’s first 100 days.

They won’t hold town halls. Their voicemail boxes are full. They ignore your emails. But they posted a survey asking what you think of Trump’s first 100 days and, remarkably, every multiple choice question allows for you to type your own “Other” response. We all know these surveys likely go nowhere and the results are probably manipulated, if released at all, right? Well, we won’t be answering their contrived queries anyway. Today, you’ll answer every single question with “He should release his tax returns.”

You will need to put in an email address, full name, and zip code. Here’s a way to anonymize your email address.


So, when you encounter a question like:


How do you feel about Trump building the wall?

  1. Tremendously approve!

  2. Disapprove because I am a stupid liberal who watches fake news!

  3. No opinion. Sad!

  4. Other


Use that opportunity to tell them we DO care about his tax returns.