Gay Rights

Not Today

Your DGB for today is to help protect the LGBTQ+ community from Trump’s horrific regime.

Wednesday produced an endless stream of horrific news that sends our country's progress in equality back a decade. First, Trump tweeted out some semi-coherent crap about kicking trans men and women out of the military. Then, later that night we heard that the Department of Justice weighed in on a case they weren’t even involved in to say that sexual discrimination in the workplace is ONLY discrimination if it’s because the person is male or female, and if they happen to be fired because they are gay, well then, they are just shit out of luck.

What we want you to do today is to stand with our LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters and do everything we can to fight against Trump’s plans to undo all of Obama’s work. If you haven’t already, become a card carrying member of the ACLU. Their website also includes a petition to sign to protect our Trans Servicemembers. You can also refer to our previous Grab about how to support the community by flying the rainbow flag in your yard or getting a Hate Has No Home Here sign.

Whatever you do, we all need to be ready to go to bat for our friends, loved ones, and ourselves. It is a non-stop deluge of awful news, but we have to tell them “Not today. Not ever.”