Goldwater Rule

Armchair Psychology

Your DGB for today is to delve into what, exactly, is wrong with Trump.

An actual diagnosis remains elusive, but there has been much speculation surrounding Trump’s mental fitness to serve as president or even just a functioning adult.

Since 1973, mental health professionals had adhered to the Goldwater Rule, discouraging diagnosis of public figures they aren’t treating, which was probably a generally good idea until the 2016 election cycle, when experts began speaking out for the safety of the country. Psychology Today now has a Trump page: featuring such theories as Trump is a Four Year Old

In addition to the above, you’ll read this Atlantic article from last year, written by Dan P. McAdams, professor of psychology at Northwestern University. Yes, it’s okay to shed a few tears that not enough people listened back then. Dan probably does.

Some days, we at DGB don’t give a crap why Trump does what he does. Other times, our brains crave explanation, as it means we might be able to predict and to tailor our resistance response accordingly. Today, we indulge.