Government Shutdown

Your Tax Dollars

Your DGB for today is to continue to resist 45 by calling at least three members of Congress about the government shutdown Trump is planning in September, and the current tax plan. We also want you to take a quiz to find out if the plan will affect you.

45 continues to threaten to shut down our government and make large budget cuts to organizations that help the poor, all while padding the pockets of the ultra rich with his new tax plan. Although a budget plan was recently passed, Trump has said we need a “good” government shutdown in September. Confused by what a good government shutdown is? So are we, which is why we must continue to resist.

You can find your representatives here. Take this quiz to find out if the Trump Tax Plan will affect you.

If you are unsure of what to say, we have created a few sample scripts you can use:


“I do not support millions of my tax dollars going towards building a wall or used towards military spending. Instead, I want my tax dollars to support (INSERT THE NAME OF ANY PROGRAMS YOU SUPPORT).”


“I’d like to know what (NAME OF YOUR REP) is planning to do to prevent a government shutdown in September. I’d like to receive a phone call back at _____. Thank you for your time.”