Health and Safety At Work Day

World Day for Health & Safety

Your DGB for today is to educate yourself about why Immigrant and other marginalized workers are exposed to a greater safety risk at their jobs.

The upcoming May Day Strike is intended to highlight the heightened risks minorities face at their places of employment, so that action can be taken by employers to ensure the health and safety of their most vulnerable employees. Today is World Health and Safety at Work Day, so let’s take a minute to familiarize ourselves with the risks as outlined by the CDC. Did you know, Latino workers face almost 50% higher fatality rates at their jobs than all other employees?

To enact positive change that ensures the safety of immigrant workers, we must first be aware of the barriers which increase their risk. Reflect on the fact that every day an immigrant goes to work, they are much more likely to come to harm. And, be sure to show up this May Day in support of our Immigrant workforce.