Heidi Heitkamp

Save Heidi


Your DGB for today is to help North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp keep her senate seat.

During the BeerBeerBeer confirmation process, Sen. Heitkamp showed fellow red state democrats and moderate republicans what courage is by voting against Brett despite being at least 12 points behind challenger Kevin Cramer. Did she vote in her own interest? Nope. She voted her conscience. Heidi tried to save our country and now it’s our turn to try to save her North Dakota seat. Donate and even phone bank from out of state below.


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Heidi Heitkamp’s Senate Seat


Your DGB for today is to help Democrat Heidi Heitkamp retain her senate seat come November.

Being from a red state, Heitkamp is not the farest left senator on the hill. She has, in fact, occasionally voted for a Trump nominee and has a line of communication with the president. Because DGB is not interested in liberal purity tests or cutting off our nose to spite our face, we are fully behind her reelection bid.

Senator Heitkamp will face Kevin Cramer on November 6th, who has been whining about Trump’s relationship with her. Despite this, North Dakota is still very much a polling tossup and Heitkamp needs all the help she can get.