Help Us Find

DC’s Missing Girls

Your DGB for today is to help find a missing person. A meme recently went viral claiming that 14 Black girls went missing in a 24-hour period. According to this article, that is not correct. However, according to the Black and Missing Foundation the fact remains that missing persons of color not only occur at a higher rate, their situation often goes overlooked by the media, the public, and at times, even law enforcement.

So what can you do? Today we are asking you to do one of these things:


Go to the Black and Missing Foundation website, download this postcard, read the information and hang it on your fridge, in your cubicle or somewhere that you will put eyes on it often.

Go to the Black and Missing Foundation website, do a search for missing in your area and familiarize yourself with their face and information.


DC has missing girls, but a quick search will show that this is a widespread problem that Grabbers can work on in their community as well. Help bring a person back home.