Donation Station

Your DGB for today is to designate a place in your home to be a collection spot for donations to your local homeless shelter so you can continue giving all year.


First, find something in which to store your donations. Use whatever works best for you and your space, whether it be a basket, reusable shopping bags, or storage bins. (Yes, this is an excuse to go to Target.)

Next, familiarize yourself with the items that shelters need the most. Here's a list of the most-wanted items:

Socks and Shoes. Pick up a pack of socks next time you are out shopping and go through your closet and donate those gently used shoes and boots that you just aren’t feeling anymore.

Blankets, Mats, and Sleeping Bags. If it’s been years since you’ve been camping, and you know you likely are never going to venture into the woods again after that last tick encounter, please donate your sleeping bag. It truly can save a life.

Personal care items, specifically female hygiene products. Periods are miserable enough when you are dealing with them from the comfort of your home. Add some pads and tampons to your donation box and make life a little easier for struggling women and girls.

Eye glasses. Many homeless are in desperate need of reading glasses. You can grab cheap pairs of cheater glasses with various prescriptions from your local drugstore kiosk.

Linens and Towels. If you happen to be swapping out the colors in your bathroom or you see a good after-holiday sale, donate towels, sheets, or washrags to your local homeless shelter.


Every time your bin is full, take your donations to your local homeless shelter. You can find a list of local shelters here. If you live in a large city, consider switching up your shelter each time you donate. Once you have donated, give yourself a little pat on the back for helping others, and fill that basket up again.