Hotel Toiletries

Clean the World, One Tiny Shampoo Bottle at a Time

Your DGB for today is to support the Clean the World Foundation.

Communicable disease is still a huge problem that kills millions of people,  mostly children, every year. While dirty water contributes to the issue, did you know that another problem is lack of access to soap? Clean the World is looking to solve that problem while also giving hotels the chance to lessen their environmental impact. This organization collects slightly used soap bars and bottles from individual hotels and hotel chains and recycles it into new soap. It then distributes it to communities in need.


Clean the World also provides:

Emergency Relief and Humanitarian Aid

Outcome-Based Hygiene Education Programs


Local Hygiene Promotion Programs

Community Engagement


Please go to the Clean the World Health Statistics web page and check out this information:

If you want to go a step further you can also volunteer or organize a volunteer event at one of their recycling locations. Those are currently in Orlando, Las Vegas and Hong Kong. They also appreciate donations as little as $1.

And you thought those tiny little bottles of shampoo were silly. Hotel toiletries might not save the world, but they could go a surprisingly long way towards saving lives.