Know Your Voting Rights


Your DGB for today is to check out the particulars of voting in your state on this web site, and write down the number for the voter protection hotline on your arm in sharpie: 866-OUR-VOTE.

Make sure you know whether you need an ID, whether or not you’re registered, and where your polling place is. Even if you think you know the answers already, check again. All over the country, Republicans have been up to no good, purging voter rolls, enacting “exact-match” ID laws, and closing or moving polling locations. They are The Worst. If you suspect shenanigans on election day, call that hotline.

Best of luck, Grabbers.  It’s up to all of us, now.

Countdown to Midterm Elections: 5 Days

Arm Yourself with Resources

Your DGB for today is to compile a list of relevant resources in your community, state, and beyond.

Have you ever been confronted with a situation where you or a loved one needed help, but you did not know where to turn for local resources? Well, we want to ensure that next time you aren’t as useless as a white crayon.

Today, we would like you to pull together a list of local resources that you can be ready to share or contact, should the need arise. This list could include: women and/or homeless shelters, food banks, support for crime victims or those accused of crimes, affordable legal representation, affordable healthcare - any organization that you would be likely to support or share with someone in need.  Post it on your fridge, keep a copy in your car, save it in your phone, your planner, or put it in your wallet. Be sure to include contact information.


Browse our DGB resource lists for inspiration:


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Women and Family