Human Rights

The US’s Immigration Policy is on Thin ICE

Your DGB for today is to call your elected representatives and demand they do something about ICE’s policy of removing children from their parents at the border and housing them in what looks like dog kennels.

This administration has decided that in an effort to make immigration to the US less appealing to brown people, they are going to remove kids - including babies - from their parents at the border. These children are getting physically torn from mom and dad and then, according to Chief of Staff John Kelly, put into foster care “or whatever.” That should be disturbing to everyone with a heart.

It’s time for you to get on the horn to your senators and members of congress. Tell them we’re not okay with this kind of treatment of people simply asking for sanctuary. Whether or not it’s legal, it certainly isn’t ethical or moral to split up families as a deterrent to legal immigration.


Leave the Census Alone

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Your DGB for today is to tell the Census Bureau to ignore the DOJ.

Latest in a long line of terrible ideas coming out of Jeff Session’s Keebler Elf Tree, recently the Dept. of Justice sent a letter to the U.S. Census Bureau requesting that a question be added to the survey regarding the takers’ citizenship. The American census is an important tool in everything from allocating Federal funds to Congressional representation. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that it exists to count eligible voters (keeping in mind that figure would exclude children and teenagers under 18) and the Supreme Court has already ruled that undocumented people should be accounted for when apportioning representation. This is just a back door method of suppressing the participation of certain folks, by scaring them out of answering surveys and will likely make the census more expensive to administer. Read more about the issue here and here.

The handling of the matter is still up in the air at the Census Bureau. Here is the feedback page on the Bureau website:, Please take a moment to tell them you think the DOJ’s instruction is wrongheaded.

And of course let your Congressional reps know how you feel as the 2020 Census questions will be submitted to them soon for approval.


It’s IDAHOT 2017!

Your DGB for today is to find an action on the IDAHOT site and lend your support to the gay and trans community.


Some actions that are happening across the US to honor this day are:




  • A 60 minute Twitter Chat today from 12 - 1pm. The topic will focus on What Family Means in the Fight for LGBTQIA Equality.




An action can be a post to raise awareness (use the hashtags, @’s, and artwork featured on the IDAHOT website), physical participation in an event, or a donation to support LGBTQIA initiatives around the globe.


Or, you can get local, and host your own party or event, or put up a rainbow flag or sign on your lawn to let others know hate is not welcome in your neighborhood.