ICE Raids



Your DGB for today is to get the word out about the new app, MigraCam, offered by the ACLU.

It’s no secret that the Trump administration has increased its immigration raids. After a recent raid on a Tennessee meat packing plant, where over 100 people were accused of being here illegally, more than 500 students missed school the next day for fear of another raid.

MigraCam helps people living in immigrant communities to notify their families if they have been detained in a raid or a traffic stop. It offers features like live streaming, sharing your location with family and friends, notifications of current raids, voice command to open MigraCam, and much more. DGB thinks it’s imperative to get the word out about this much needed app, especially when we are living in a time where Trump and his Fox pals are vilifying immigrants, including those in the caravans that are attempting to seek asylum. You can read more about the caravans and the myths surrounding them here:


ICE Raids

Your DBG for today is to help spread the word about undocumented residents’ legal rights, so we may protect our communities in this new and horrifying era of Trump.

Since February 9th, there has been a wave of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids in sanctuary cities, as a direct result of President Trump’s anti-immigration policies. These raids are tearing families apart, and creating fear and uncertainty for immigrant communities. As is customary with this administration, there is a disturbing lack of transparency on the part of the White House and ICE as to who is being arrested or detained and why.

One piece of hopeful news is that, partially in thanks to people like you who have donated in record numbers and record amounts since the election, the ACLU is establishing a rapid-response team to fight deportations. Read more about it here, and about immigrants’ rights here, and here:



Get this information to as many people as you can. Undocumented Americans touch all of our lives and it’s crucial we protect ourselves and our fellow humans.