Who We Are


Your DGB for today is to learn about America’s history of forcibly dividing families of color. The horrific new Trump administration “zero tolerance” immigration policy has resulted in criminalizing immigrants fleeing violence and seeking asylum at our border, with roughly 2,000 frightened kids being removed from their families by force or trickery and placed in detention centers.

When reading commentary on these actions, you may have seen the sentiment, “This is not who we are!” You may have even said it yourself. Unfortunately, this is not true. America has a long history of cruelly separating children and babies of color from their parents. This sobering WaPo piece describes the policy as it was enacted during the years of chattel slavery, and later, as Native American children were forced into Orwellian boarding schools.

As a country, we cannot effectively stop or prevent these human rights abuses from happening if we don’t acknowledge what has come before. If the awful Trump administration policy is in part “who we are,” it is also true that “who we are” can be a country that learns from the past and insists on doing better.


The American Dreamers


Your DGB for today is to support organizations that in turn support Dreamers.

Taking a break from the laborious tasks of incoherent Tweeting, speaking at self-serving rallies, and pretending to load pickup truck cabs with hurricane-relief supplies, our President recently announced his intentions for the future of DACA. Yesterday we asked you to contact Congress and get their help protecting Dreamers. Today we would like you to help those that are going to be on the front lines defending those Dreamers and be prepared to share information with anyone who needs it.

We have compiled a list of organizations that provide legal help and other resources here: Please find one that you can support. Also, please update your personal resource list with immigration help resources so you can connect those that will need it.

Please start and don’t stop: talking, posting, commenting, sharing and Tweeting about DACA and Dreamers. These kids are the future of our country and our world.

Grab back and preserve a dream!


A Nation of Immigrants


Your DGB for today is to help save DACA and its Dreamers.

Trump and his ilk may not like it, but the United States is a nation of immigrants. Immigrants make us a better country. Trump is threatening to end DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and the results would be disastrous. 800,000 young people currently have work permits and protection under DACA. These young people have lived most of their lives in the United States. They have jobs, they pay taxes, they own homes, they make purchases, they contribute to our economy every day. DACA is thought to be one of Obama’s greatest programs, so it’s no wonder Trump wants to do away with it.

Today we want you to check out America’s Voice and learn more about the DACA program. If you are able, contribute funds to help them. If you can’t contribute, there are many other things you can do, like contacting your state’s Attorney General and telling them to uphold DACA. You can also host a Dreamer dinner or call your senators and tell them to protect DACA from Trump. There’s even a section where you can tell your own personal Dreamer story. However you choose to help DACA, spend some time browsing the website. They have interactive videos, personal stories, and a section called Immigration 101 to inform on a variety of subjects, such as what exactly a Dreamer is, and what rights ICE has to deport people.

America has become the beautiful melting pot of culture it is today because of immigration. It is a nation founded on immigration and on the principles that immigrants are not only allowed here, but welcomed. Do what you can to uphold those beliefs and values and support DACA.


World Day for Health & Safety

Your DGB for today is to educate yourself about why Immigrant and other marginalized workers are exposed to a greater safety risk at their jobs.

The upcoming May Day Strike is intended to highlight the heightened risks minorities face at their places of employment, so that action can be taken by employers to ensure the health and safety of their most vulnerable employees. Today is World Health and Safety at Work Day, so let’s take a minute to familiarize ourselves with the risks as outlined by the CDC. Did you know, Latino workers face almost 50% higher fatality rates at their jobs than all other employees?

To enact positive change that ensures the safety of immigrant workers, we must first be aware of the barriers which increase their risk. Reflect on the fact that every day an immigrant goes to work, they are much more likely to come to harm. And, be sure to show up this May Day in support of our Immigrant workforce.


Love Letters

Your DGB for today is to send a love letter to a local marginalized community or organization.

For the past few months, hate has been getting a lot of encouragement from the top down in America. Places of worship are defiled and damaged, including mosques, synagogues, and Black churches. Jewish cemeteries are being vandalized and Jewish preschools have been terrorized by bomb threats. Undocumented immigrants are detained and deported, though their only crime is lacking the legal immigration paperwork.

You know that feeling in your chest when you get a note from somebody that lets you know that they’ve been thinking of you? That feeling that you matter? It’s time to share that feeling with our friends and neighbors that have been on the business end of hate. We’ve marched in protest. We’ve shown up at airports. We’ve donated to causes that support the affected, but nothing beats that personal touch. Find a local mosque here, a synagogue here, and to find your local center helping refugees and immigrants, click here.

It doesn’t matter if you get out the good stationery or use a postcard. Let your friends and neighbors know that they matter. Tell them why you appreciate them, and how their presence enriches the fabric of your community.


Fight Islamophobia

Your DGB for today is to counter a resurgence of Islamophobia, and support our Muslim brothers and sisters by getting involved locally. 

On January 27th, POTUS made us all reach for our TUMS for the umpteenth time by signing an executive order freezing immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. The order went into effect immediately, and chaos at our nation’s airports ensued. Teams of lawyers working pro-bono swooped in to help stranded and panicking travelers, and the outraged among us showed up en masse to protest. Later a federal judge issued an emergency stay that provided relief for some affected travelers, which was then held up by the Ninth Circuit.  Here’s a timeline of what went down. In addition, the Southern Poverty Law Center reports that anti-Muslim hate groups have almost tripled in number from 2015 to 2016.

How can you support immigrants’ rights, and counter xenophobia and Islamophobia? We recently asked you to donate to the ACLU (and you did, right?) which is a good start.  We also want you to consider attending a pro-immigrant rally in your city or state. There’s going to be a large Immigrants’ March in DC on May 6th, and sister marches and rallies may spring up near you. Your local mosques and Islamic cultural centers also need some love these days. Consider calling them and asking how you can show support. Find a mosque near you here.

If you are Muslim and the ban is personally affecting you and/or your family, please contact the National Immigration Law Center, the ACLU, or the Council on American-Islamic Relations for help. If you’ve been a victim of, or a witness to a hate crime, report it to the Southern Poverty Law Center here.   


ICE Raids

Your DBG for today is to help spread the word about undocumented residents’ legal rights, so we may protect our communities in this new and horrifying era of Trump.

Since February 9th, there has been a wave of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids in sanctuary cities, as a direct result of President Trump’s anti-immigration policies. These raids are tearing families apart, and creating fear and uncertainty for immigrant communities. As is customary with this administration, there is a disturbing lack of transparency on the part of the White House and ICE as to who is being arrested or detained and why.

One piece of hopeful news is that, partially in thanks to people like you who have donated in record numbers and record amounts since the election, the ACLU is establishing a rapid-response team to fight deportations. Read more about it here, and about immigrants’ rights here, and here:



Get this information to as many people as you can. Undocumented Americans touch all of our lives and it’s crucial we protect ourselves and our fellow humans.