Books for Prisoners


Your DGB for today is to find a way to send books to prisoners.

Despite the fact that we in the United States spend over $180 billion a year on incarceration, very little of it goes to prisoner work training, education or rehabilitation. Prisoners are subjected to isolation and lack of mental stimulation, many times leaving prison more mentally ill or violent than they were when they initially entered the place. Prison libraries can be a vital resource, offering respite from boredom and a way for inmates to connect with the outside world. These libraries need your assistance in staying stocked with a variety of current and interesting materials. Several national and regional organizations provide this kind of support and we hope that you will choose one or two to support today with your money and/or used (and appropriate - please be sure to check donation guidelines!) books.

National organizations: Prison Book Program, Books to Prisoners, Prison Book Project, Prisoners Literature Project.

Many states and regions have their own book collection programs so try searching your state name and “books for prisoners” to find out how to participate locally. You may even find chance to volunteer and Grab back that way.

Send a book, save a brain!