Women’s History Month

Your DGB for today is to get intersectional AF for Women’s History Month. We are asking you to learn all about intersectional feminism today and to pick one book or movie from our suggested list and commit to reading or watching it this month.

March is Women’s History Month and DGB believes there is no use in celebrating women’s history if you aren’t going to be as intersectional as possible while doing it. First, you have to understand what intersectionality is. Yes, we understand some of you may already know and use it on the regular, but for those of you who don’t, intersectional feminism is feminism that advocates for the rights of all women. Intersectionality understands that not all women’s experiences are the same just because they are women, but identities like class, race, sexual preference, religion, and ethnicity, can all shape the way the world treats them and their outlooks. To learn more, read here.

How can you make sure your feminism is intersectional? Follow women that don’t look like you on your preferred social media sites, and for the love...please just listen. Listen to what they are saying and their feelings. Do NOT butt in with how their feelings are offending you. The next thing you can do is read one of these books or watch one of these movies this month, and let us know what you are reading or watching so we can read and watch along with you.

Feminism is pointless if we aren’t doing it for all our sisters, so this Women’s History Month, make sure you’re prepared to be as intersectional as possible.