Give Alex Jones the Heave-Ho off Twitter


Your DGB for today is to work with Shannon Coulter and pressure Twitter to boot Alex Jones off their platform. Coulter, originator of the #GrabYourWallet consumer-based activism hashtag, has instructions on how to block every Fortune 500 company with a Twitter presence. While platforms like Youtube and Facebook have already banned chaos agent and all-round terrible human Alex Jones, Twitter has been dragging its feet. Coulter thinks if they feel the pinch financially, they can be persuaded to follow suit.

If you are somehow unfamiliar with Jones and his tinfoil hat jamboree, Infowars, here is a chilling introduction to the fellow:

This guy does not need an additional outlet for his lunatic and dangerous conspiracy theories. Let Twitter know we mean business about shutting him down.




#DGB #TBT School Shootings are Real


Your DGB for this Throwback Thursday is to tell Trump to use his Twitter fingers to take down InfoWars.

More than a year has passed since this Grab asking Trump to disavow nutjob Alex Jones and his Sandy Hook conspiracy bullshit:

Since then, a Florida woman was sentenced to five months in prison for making death threats against the father of Noah Pozner, age six, who was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Alex Jones has championed the spread of conspiracy theories surrounding the tragedy, leading to incidents like this. Parents, including Pozner’s father, have now sued Jones for defamation.

As far as Jones’ relationship with Trump, it seems to be a bit strained these days, with Jones’s recent unhinged crying and swearing at the president over Syria strikes. Considering that Trump has flown into a Twitter rage at just about everyone from Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Kristen Stewart, surely he can denounce Alex Jones over his “Fuck you, Trump”- if not for the 20 schoolchildren and tortured survivors of the Sandy Hook Massacre that was DEFINITELY REAL, BTW- then for his own fragile ego.

Let @realDonaldTrump know that someone has insulted him. You can also contact your favorite White House correspondent and encourage them to ask Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Trump’s response to Jones and/or the recent lawsuit.


School Shootings Are Real

Your DGB for today is to tell Trump to denounce the Sandy Hook conspiracy hoax.

Alex Jones, friend of Trump and all-around lunatic, has promoted the insane claim that the Newtown, CT school massacre was staged by the government. As a result, the families of the twenty children and six adults who died that day have been harassed and tormented by his followers. Seven weeks ago, the Newtown School Board wrote to Trump begging him to intervene. He has yet to respond.

Today, you’ll contact Trump by tweeting him @WhiteHouse, @POTUS, and @realDonaldTrump.


Sample tweet: .@POTUS Unlike the Bowling Green massacre, Sandy Hook was real. At least respond to the Newtown School Board’s letter sent 7 weeks ago.


In light of yet another tragic school shooting yesterday, it’s more important than ever that this idiocy comes to an end. Thoughts and prayers will never be enough. Trump needs to publicly disavow Jones and his dangerous brand of bullshit.