Trump is No Boy Scout

Your DGB for today is to contact the Boy Scouts and let them know that playing along with Donald J. Trump’s shenanigans is unacceptable.

At a Jamboree on Monday, POTUS addressed the Scouts as they’ve (probably) never been addressed before. He rambled on about his disastrous health care bill to a crowd of 40,000 (obviously, mostly kids), waxed nostalgic about sexual escapades a rich pal had on his yacht back in the day, railed against the “Fake News,” and encouraged the crowd to boo former President Obama. Letting Trump lead them in unscoutsmanlike behavior is not a good look for the organization, especially since reversing their stance on LGBTQ+, they’ve been a pretty laudable outfit. If you want to tell them what you think of their judgment on this matter, they can be found @boyscouts on Twitter, www.scouting.org  online, or 972-580-2000 by phone.

We know, we know - Trump behaving badly? Of course, he's a lost cause. The Scouts, however, have proved they can do better when their feet are held to the campfire. Let’s let them know that tacitly approving of bullying behavior really toasts our marshmallows.  And hey, fellas, maybe not let President Pussygrabber address a bunch of impressionable kids next time?