Jeff Sessions

Whitaker Should Recuse


Your DGB for today is to call for Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker’s immediate recusal from the Mueller investigation.

Trump, in a particularly Trumpian move, fired racist Keebler elf Jeff Sessions before the ink had even dried on our ballot bubbles. He’s been frothing at the mouth to fire Sessions ever since Sessions recused himself from overseeing an investigation into the very campaign he was a part of. It was actually the right and ethical move, but Trump doesn’t care about that. After he canned Sessions, Trump made yet another problematic appointment - Matthew Whitaker to Acting AG. Whitaker ALSO has ethical issues that prevent him from being the right person to oversee the Mueller investigation. In this case, his conflicts of interest include his close ties to Sam Clovis (a key witness) and his previous statements about how to starve the special counsel of funds.

Clearly, he must also recuse himself. Let’s flood the Dept. of Justice with Americans calling for him to do just that. Call the DoJ at (401) 709-5000 and register your concerns.

Elect Doug Jones


Your DGB for today is to help Doug Jones get elected senator in Alabama.

From the state that gave us Racist Elf Sessions, Alabama now brings us a special election to fill the seat he left to head the Justice Department. Despite it being a sweet tea red state, Democrat Doug Jones actually has a chance to claim the seat December 12th. Maybe it’s because the Resistance is working. Maybe it’s because the GOP and Trump so badly screwed up in the republican primary there, somehow putting forth Roy Moore as their candidate, but recent polls has the candidates tied.  With a little more effort, this seat could flip.

Visit Jones’ website to donate or volunteer.


From Russia, With Perjury

Your DGB for today is to call your Senators and Congressional representatives and ask them to demand the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. 

In his confirmation hearings, then-Senator Jeff Sessions had the following exchange with Senator Al Franken (D-MN):


Franken: "CNN just published a story alleging that the intelligence community provided documents to the president-elect last week that included information that quote, ‘Russian operatives claimed to have compromising personal and financial information about Mr. Trump.’ These documents also allegedly say quote, ‘There was a continuing exchange of information during the campaign between Trump's surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government.’

"Now, again, I'm telling you this as it's coming out, so you know. But if it's true, it's obviously extremely serious and if there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the Trump campaign communicated with the Russian government in the course of this campaign, what will you do?"


Sessions: "Senator Franken, I'm not aware of any of those activities. I have been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign and I didn't have — did not have communications with the Russians, and I'm unable to comment on it."


He also addressed this in a written exchange with Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT):


Leahy: "Several of the President-elect’s nominees or senior advisers have Russian ties. Have you been in contact with anyone connected to any part of the Russian government about the 2016 election, either before or after election day?"

Sessions: "No."


This was not true. Instead, Sessions, an early endorser and enthusiastic surrogate for Donald Trump, met with the Russian ambassador at least twice during the campaign. Here is recap of what we know.

Sessions, under pressure, has now recused himself. We feel his reluctance to do so is highly suspect, and only a letter of resignation could possibly resolve this element of corruption.

Find your Representative’s contact information here, your Senators’ here, and use this DGB suggested script:

My name is (your name) and I’m a constituent in (city.) I’m calling to ask (rep’s name) to demand Attorney General Sessions’ resignation immediately, on the basis that the nation’s top attorney cannot be caught lying under oath about anything, let alone Russian electoral interference in which he may have participated.