Justin Beiber

It’s Canada Day, eh!

Your DGB for today is to watch this video gone viral posted by Brittlestar (if you haven’t already seen it) - hopefully you’ll have a laugh and learn a little something about our neighbors to the north.

In honor of our token Canuck at DGB, we thought we’d lighten it up and have you watch a quick video regarding the things Canadians celebrate on Canada Day. If, however, this video is NOT amusing to you and instead sends you into yet another downward spiral of despair that we’ve all been having bouts of since November, remember Canada had to endure several years of Stephen Harper while America got to enjoy Obama. Oh, how the tables have turned *sob*. We won’t make the cliche joke about moving to Canada, however, because DGB is committed to the cause of fighting to the bitter end to protect our fellow Americans from 45.

So, sit back on this lovely Canada Day, drink a beer, eat poutine, and let the sweet vocal styling of Justin Bieber lull you into a (false) sense of contentedness just for today.